Our story

3S’s idea emerged from an educational program approved by the Ministry of Education and organized by Junior Achievement Greece, in which two schools were engaged in planning organizing and operating a «Virtual Business». J.A.G. guided and inspired students, teachers and volunteers, introducing them to the concept of Entrepreneurship.

Our educational program was honored to receive the Silver Award at the Education Business Awards 2017, in the category of youth entrepreneurship. The idea of establishing and operating a Social Cooperative Enterprise was submitted and presented at the “Social Growth” competition organized by the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) and awarded with the first prize. Finally, the project won the silver prize in the student competition “Ideas for Sustainable Startups” organized by the MBA International of the Athens University of Economics and Business.
But the most important payoff from our participation in this educational program was that we saw children with disabilities evolving, socializing, creating, communicating, understanding how a business is operating, being proud of themselves and gaining knowledge, joy, positive energy and self-confidence.

It was exactly those outcomes we wanted to maintain and empower, after the graduation of our students. Thus, a group of educators, parents and friends of adults with disabilities, we decided that this “student virtual enterprise” should not exist in name only but become real through the foundation of “3S School Synergy Snacks,” a Social Cooperative Enterprise for the Inclusion of people with Disabilities.

Our S.C.E. is made up of people with both professional experience and scientific knowledge required by our work. By definition it is a Social Enterprise that aims to the social and economic inclusion of vulnerable groups. In our case it employs creative young people with developmental disorders, fostering in each one of them the necessary skills that with help them overcome their limitations. Besides, according to our charter, at least 40% of our employees should belong to vulnerable groups.

The reality

In Greece, youths with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities have a very low rate of employment after school. Even those who are lucky enough to get a job It is usually part time and underpaid. However, employment opportunities can contribute to these individuals’ social inclusion, personal development, increased independence and self-sufficiency, financial gain and higher levels of self-esteem and psychological well-being.


Knowing all the implicit difficulties and limitations, and also the various social prejudices, we are determined to make the necessary steps and have our small contribution to changing this reality. Our goal is to operate as an inclusive incubator that will offer work opportunities to even more youngsters, graduates of Special Education Schools.

Moreover, we aspire to become an example of a good practice in the certain market, create a business model and offer training and consulting to other enterprises that want to initiate something similar.